Poster Session

[01]  Kenneth Atz, ETH Zurich
«Enabling late-stage drug diversification by high-throughput experimentation with geometric deep learning»

[02]  Pierrick Berruyer, EPFL Lausanne
«In-cell Quantification of Drugs»

[03]  Etienne Bonvin, University of Bern
«α-Helical mixed peptide-peptoid antimicrobial peptides to control multidrug resistant Gram-negative bacteria»

[04]  Aline Bornet, University of Bern
«Towards Reliable Stability Measurements of OER Catalysts»

[05]  Carolina Caso, ETH Zurich
«Studies Towards the Total Synthesis of Griseoviridin»

[06]  Etienne Cotter, ETH Zurich
«Synthesis of Analogs of (–)-Zampanolide & Structure-Activity Relationship Studies»

[07]  Gianni De Lucia, FH/HES, Delémont
«Development of an Integrated Solution to Prevent Spring Frost Damage Using an Aqueous-based Insulating Foam»

[08]  Kata Dorbic, University of Fribourg
«Synthesis of polymeric particles with multiple lobes»

[09]  Jérôme Eberhardt, University of Basel
«Closing the loop: combining active learning with sequence or structure-based method for peptide optimisation»

[10]  Oliver Erni, HEIA Fribourg
«Synthesis and Production of Non-Toxic White Pigments»

[11]  Valentina Gasser, ETH Zurich
«Ni-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling between Aryl Thioethers and Aryl Imines»

[12]  Stefania Gianolio, University of Bern
«Combined chemoenzymatic strategy for sustainable continuous synthesis of the natural product hordenine»

[13]  Julian Götz, ETH Zurich
«A Library of Tunable Saturated N-Heterocycles Enabled by Reaction Outcome and Property Predictions»

[14]  Magenta Hensinger, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität
«Reactivity of Imidazolidine-4-thione Derived Enamines and Iminium Ions»

[15]  Pol Hernández-Lladó, University of Oxford
«Studies Towards the Asymmetric Total Synthesis of Ginkgolide B»

[16]  Yong Hua, University of Basel
«Photochemical Charge Control in High Vacuum»

[17]  Parth Kadakia, University of Fribourg
«Design and Characterization of pH-Responsive Lipid Self-Assemblies Against Bacterial Infections»

[18]  Philip Koblischek, University of Ulm
«First Total Synthesis of the Benzotropolone/Bis(pulvinone) Natural Product Aurantricholone»

[19]  Leonard Krupnik, Empa/Uni Fribourg
«Illuminating the structure of iron carbohydrates in complex biological environments»

[20]  Anton Kudashev, University of Basel
«Methylene C(sp3)–H activation enables stereoselective synthesis of Indidene natural products»

[21]  Baptiste Leforestier, University of Geneva
«Theoretical Study – Assisted Tandem Pd Catalysis Enables Regiodivergent Heck Arylation of Transiently-Generated Substituted Enol Ethers»

[22]  Robin Lescure, University of Zurich
«Understanding aggregation during peptide synthesis using in-line UV analysis»

[23]  Xiangdong Li, EPFL Lausanne
«Hypervalent Iodine Enabled Electrophilic Cyclopropenyl Transfer Reaction»

[24]  Oleksandr Liashuk, EPFL Lausanne
«2+2 cycloaddition of alkynyl boronates»

[25]  David Lim, University of Bern
«Protecting-Group-Free Synthesis of Selenoglycoconjugates in Water»

[26]  Marius Lutz, ETH Zurich
«Mechanistic Investigation of the Rhodium-catalyzed Transfer Hydroarylation between Tertiary Alcohols and Ketones»

[27]  Jean-Francois Marcoux, F.  Hoffmann-La Roche
«Development of a Practical Manufacturing Route to a Pyrrolobenzodiazepine-Based (PBD) Linker-Drug»

[28]  Franziska Marx, Adolphe Merkle Institute, Fribourg
«Exploring metallosupramolecular polymers as healable materials»

[29]  Claire Montagnon, University of Geneva
«Oxonium Ylide Mediated Synthesis of Tetrahydrooxepines»

[30]  Jennifer Müller, ETH Zurich
«Development of Novel LAT1 Ligands as Potential Antitumor Agents»

[31]  Kleni Mulliri, University of Bern
«SAR of triquinazine, a class of potent Janus Kinase inhibitors»

[32]  Franck Oswald, University of Fribourg
«The development of new luminescent MOFs for molecular detection»

[33]  Subrata Patra, University of Fribourg
«Visible Light-Mediated and Electrochemically Catalyzed Nitration of Unsaturated Hydrocarbons»

[34]  Hippolyte Personne, University of Bern
«X-ray Structures of Mixed-chirality α-Helical Antimicrobial Peptides»

[35]  Björn Pfund, University of Basel
«A new class of organic triplet photosensitizers for energy transfer catalysis and triplet-triplet annihilation upconverion»

[36]  Lauriane Pillet, University of Bern
«Novel triple mutant of an extremophilic glycosyl hydrolase enables the rapid synthesis of thioglycosides»

[37]  Dario Poier, HEIA Fribourg
«Aiming for more sustainable Cross-Coupling Chemistry by employing Single-Atom Catalysis»

[38]  Philippe-Alexandre Poisson, University of Geneva
«Nickel-Catalyzed Kumada Vinylation of Enol Phosphates: A Comparative Mechanistic Study»

[39]  Valentyn Pozhydaiev, University of Strasbourg
«Unprotected β-Arylethylamines via Iron(II)-Catalyzed 1,2-Aminoarylation of Alkenes in HFIP»

[40]  Sara Puglioli, Philochem AG
«DNA-encoded affinity maturation libraries enable the discovery of low picomolar Fibroblast Activation Protein inhibitors suitable for radioligand therapy of solid tumors»

[41]  Salome Püntener, University of Zürich
«Single-Molecule Peptide Identification using  Fluorescence Blinking Fingerprints»

[42]  Nieves Pilar Ramirez Hernandez, EPFL Lausanne
«Asymmetric Synthesis of Trifluoromethylated Propargylic Amines and Ethers through Multi-component Reactions»

[43]  Thomas Rossolini, EPFL Lausanne
«Pd(II)-Catalyzed Aminoacetoxylation of Alkenes via Tether Formation»

[44]  Simone Scaringi, University of Geneva
«Assisted Tandem Pd Catalysis Enables Regiodivergent Heck Arylation of Transiently Generated Substituted Enol Ethers»

[45]  Gunther Schmidt, Idorsia Pharmaceuticals Ltd
«Large Scale Synthesis of Daridorexant»

[46]  Bruno Silva, Empa Dübendorf
«Making sense of structure in complex gene-delivery formulations using Fluorescence Cross-Correlation Spectroscopy (FCCS) and Small-Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS)»

[47]  KyungSeob Song, University of Fribourg
«Porous Polyisothiocyanurates for Selective Palladium Recovery and Heterogeneous Catalysis»

[48]  Wowa Stroek, University of Bern
«Iron Catalyzed C–H Bond Amination: The Road to Simple, Robust and Sustainable C–N Bond Formation»

[49]  Bettina Tran, University of Fribourg
«Self-assembly of polycationic polymers with viruses for advanced biomaterials»

[50]  Maria Tsitopoulou, University of Basel
«Construction of fused cyclobutanes through an intramolecular C(sp3)–H alkenylation realized via 1,4-Pd shift/Heck coupling»

[51]  Júlia Viñas-Lóbez, University of Geneva
«Synthesis Polycycles via Photoredox catalyzed Cyclization of Malonate Enol Ethers»

[52]  Benedikt Winter, ETH Zurich
«SPT: A machine learning model for predicting phase equilibria»

[53]  Snizhana Zaitseva, University of Basel
«Asymmetric allylation of stereogenic nitrogen centers»

[54]  Fabienne Ziereisen, University of Basel
«Ligand-Based Fluorescence from an Tris(diisocyanide) Iron(II) Complex»